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Ration shop Workers across TamilNadu - Sit-in protest on 4th July!

Ration shop Workers across TamilNadu

Posted on : 23/Jun/2014 No Of Visits
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The Tamil Nadu Government Fair Price Workers Committee Meeting has been held up in Nagaipatinam.

On taking part in this meeting the All India State Government Employees Great Federation, general secretary Balakrishnan, gave interview to the pressmen. He said:

The general supply project has been functioning greatly across Tamil Nadu. This project has been involved in controlling the rising prices of the essential commodities.

More than 55 thousand employees have been employing in general supply project. In this count more than 50 thousand ration stores are operating under the control of the co-operative department.

As the co-operative department devoid of rendering the properly weighed essential commodities to the ration stores, the ration store employees are facing several problems in issuing the commodities.

Hence, government should take necessary action so as to facilitate the proper weighed commodities like rice, wheat, sugar, oil and so on.

In order to prevent the abuse, all the process should be computerized. How the process of issuing the weighed commodities to the people is taking place, the exact way ought to be followed by the co-operative section while issuing the commodities to the ration store.

General Supply project needs to consider as the separate department. The rations store employees should also get included in the Governments health insurance scheme. All of these 15 requests have been stressed and leaflets will be issued in 27 June.

On 4th July, we have decided to carry out the ‘Sit-in protest’ in all the districts across the TamilNadu.